How a friend’s birthday party for her 1 year old organized my life

I went to one of my friend’s birthday party the other day. Actually, it was for her one year old. As I went around meeting and greeting, watching other toddlers crawl about, eyeing the parents and their stress levels, I realized that this party for this one year was organized chaos. Screaming kids, screaming parents, food everywhere, and it’s at that point that I realized that my life was also an organizational disaster.

I promptly left and went back home and proceeded to organize myself. I bring this up because it after I began to put some things together I realized that I work with clients whose organic search campaign appear to be in some sort of disarray. Asking the same questions from week to week, following up on tasks that should have been completed weeks ago, waiting on responses from developers that ignore recommendations, it really sucks sometimes.

I suggest everyone take an afternoon to at least partially organize some of their more important items in life and at work. I already feel a calmness around me.

If that doesn’t work then have some birthday cake. DO