iTunes’ Hefty Fee Locks Out Indie Label LPs

When Apple announced its multimedia album packages, dubbed iTunes LPs, some hailed it as the return of the album-as-object. But some indie labels who’ve tried to create their own LPs on iTunes are dismayed over the $10,000 production fee that Apple charges for LPs.

iTunes LP

Not only is the cost prohibitive, but Apple is also being choosy about who it offers the LP format to, reports TUAW. Out of misguided loyalty to the big labels, Apple isn’t offering LPs to indie labels who can front the money, either. Outraged, Cult of Mac‘s Pete Mortensen calls it less a new format for music than for paid advertising.

Stifled in the iTunes Music Store, on-the-cheap labels may instead choose to go to the App Store and release an iPhone-only selection of artwork and liner notes.CD