Residential Real Estate by the Numbers

Residential Real Estate by the Numbers
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There are 1.1 million realtors in the U.S., down 17% from 2007.

The median annual salary for real-estate brokers last year was $57,500, down $4,360 from 2007.

The national median price for existing single-family homes in the most recent quarter is $174,000.

The metro area with the lowest median home price is Michigan’s Saginaw–Saginaw Township North at $55,700. The highst: Honolulu at $569,500.

The $85 billion that the U.S. government has spent bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would be enough to purchase nearly 500,000 homes at the U.S. median price.

The Manor {owned by Candy Spelling, Aaron Spelling’s widow} in Los Angeles is believed to be the world’s MOST EXPENSIVE HOME currently on the market. Asking price: $150 million.

With 30% down and a 30-year fixed mortgage at 5.06%, your monthly payment would be $2.3 million.

The average residential sale price in the city of DETROIT in July was $11,596, due largely to foreclosed homes that sold for as little as $75.

Revenue at PULTE HOMES, the nation’s No.1 builder, plummeted to $678.6 million in the most recent quarter, down nearly 58% from last year.

Four states (Arizona, California, Florida, and Nevada) together account for more than HALF of all foreclosures in the U.S.

The state with the highest rate of home ownership is West Virginia, at just over 79%. D.C. has the nation’s lowest rate at44.4%, well below the overall national rate:67.4%.

2008 saw the fewest private home-construction starts in 49 years, with just 905,500 unitsbreaking ground.

Singapore is believed to have the highest rate of home ownership: 90.1%.ACL