Cut Your Cable: Hulu’s Top 10 TV Shows

1 Family Guy

You can get the five most recent episodes and more than 300 clips of Seth MacFarlane’s crude cartoon. Hulu’s most-watched episode as of September: “Stew-roids.”


2 The Office

The show is also among NBC’s highest-rated broadcast offerings, averaging 7.9 million viewers for the 2008 — 2009 season, according to Nielsen.

3 Arrested Development

It was canceled by Fox after three years, but fans can watch the first season on Hulu. (See ” Second Life” for other shows reborn on Hulu.)

4 American Dad

Another raunchy cartoon from MacFarlane and Fox. Its high ranking on Hulu signals the site’s core audience: young men.

5 Saturday Night Live

Shortly after each broadcast, Hulu distributes clips across the Web to get a jump on the pirates.

6 The Daily Show

The news program for the Net generation averaged 1.1 million viewers a night on Comedy Central last season. Hulu has the four latest shows, plus clips.

7 The Simpsons

It’s no joke, Krusty. Despite five episodes and 700 clips available on Hulu, the weekly Fox broadcast still attracts 6.9 million viewers.

8 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show has struggled to find an audience on FX, averaging just 738,000 viewers last season. Its strong showing on Hulu may help extend its life on the network.

9 House M.D.

Twelve million viewers a week tune into Fox for this show, and more watch USA cable reruns. A top player on Hulu too? Now that’s a hit.

10 The Colbert Report

Nation, there’s something fishy going on when two shows from Comedy Central are in the Hulu Top 10. And that’s the word.