• 11.01.09

Intel’s Everywhere: 75% of the Company’s Business is Overseas

More than 75% of the company’s business comes from overseas — a trend that global stimulus spending is likely to increase.





Intel Everywhere


Intel is working on stimulus projects in Brazil, one of its rapidly growing markets, and in Chile, Colombia, France, Greece, and Spain.


Intel’s revenue from Taiwan was $9.87 bil-lion, making it the company’s single largest international market in 2008.


Last year, Japan was the company’s third-largest market overseas, with revenue of $3.99 billion.


Stimulus spending on a 40,000-kilometer high-speed-rail project promises to boost Intel’s China business, which reached $4.97 bil-lion in 2008.

Wafer Labs

Wafer labs, or “fabs” in Intel-speak, are clean facilities that etch billions of transistors onto silicon wafers. The $7 billion investment that Intel announced in February will upgrade fabs in the U.S.

Test and Assembly Plants

At these sites, wafers are cut into chips and assembled into packages with electrical connections.