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Thank God cleantech came along, because technology was starting to get pretty boring. Having worked at a tech PR agency for several years in the past, I’ve now distanced myself and become mostly a tech media spectator. For some reason, I was going through withdrawal, so I kept reading about consumer technology (I’d rather walk into a presentation about the slow growth of grass than read about things like servers).


Over the past 6-12 months, I can summarize consumer tech media coverage in three words: Apple, Facebook, Twitter. And that was it – I cut the cord. I quit cold turkey.


I thought I was off the sauce completely until clean tech came along.


I’m completely fine with cleantech becoming the media darling for a few different reasons:


1)      It’s making a positive difference in people’s lives. After the dust has settled and nearly every possible angle has been covered on Twitter (it’s great for marketing! A good way to get out of an Egyptian jail! And, gasp! Miley stopped updating!) we’re hearing about some technologies that could completely change major things that affect all of us. Including the way we get from Point A to Point B and consume energy.  Oh, and whether our kids will have to breathe with oxygen tanks.

2)      It actually has the capacity to make money. There’s a reason why VC firms are pouring funds into clean tech. There’s vested interest from the U.S. government and the world at large in developing alternative forms of energy. 

3)      It’s making us think again. In the past several weeks, there have been some interesting arguments about the way America competes with other global superpowers like China. Whether clean tech is creating Cold War 2.0, or is just lighting a fire under our collective you-know-what’s… it’s forcing innovation, and that’s a good thing. In the process it’s giving us, as media consumers and concerned citizens, a lot more to get fired up about.

Amen, cleantech. Way to keep things interesting. But, don’t make me regret this post in a few years with another situation.