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Workshoppe: Stylish Temp Space in the Land of Gourmet Burgers and Bankers


Let's say you're based outside NYC. But you come here often enough to need an office. But not so much that it's worth renting one long term. How's someone who's design obsessed supposed to pull that off? You can't very well sell your next high-tech, high-design Ponzi scheme over drinks at the Holiday Inn.

And that's exactly where Workshoppe fits in: The split-level "think tank and loft space" is rentable by the day, week, or month. In other words, just long enough for your to fake having a real, bespoke office while you're in town.

It's situated at 30 Water Street, right above the Burger Shoppe—a favorite haunt for financial types, which also happens to be right around the corner from Goldman Sachs. More pics over at Urban Daddy. The entire building is being converted into something like a clubhouse for the young, rich and hip; as the Web site shows, there's currently a boutique and a library in the works.