Cheney Still Kicking, Starting Consulting Firm With Family

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his two daughters are rumored to be starting a Washington, D.C. consulting agency to advise political clients, reports the Washington Post today.

The Cheney firm will remain an inchoate concept, says the Post, until the vice president finishes his memoirs. The LA Times compares the concept to Henry Kissinger’s Kissinger Associates, to be full of “big-name right-wing foreign dictators.”

The rumors have been kicked off by daughter Liz Cheney’s departure from her PR firm Navigators Global. A spokesman for the Cheney family at the American Enterprise Institute told the Post she would be starting her own “independent strategic” consultancy. It’ll be the latest development in the Cheney “brand,” which has made itself known with the family members’ vocal disapproval of President Obama’s policies on various cable news outlets.