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Sometimes Old Stuff is Best

Hanh mitakuyapi / hello my relatives.  Long time no hear.  I've been so far behind the 8-ball, I had to take it on faith that it was still out there ahead of me.  "Making a living" has been incredibly tough this year & last.  Try a gross in of maybe $9000.  It's enough to make a person think of welfare!

  But since I'm no fan of welfare, especially for me, I was wracking my brain & praying as hard as I could for an idea & suddenly, my old patent's subject sprang into my mind.  So I'm bringing it back, with an updated 2nd version..  going to put a store on Amazon & see what builds.

  If you're into prayers or finger-crossing, this very Traditional Indn thanks you for sending some my way.  I've had to pull in every favor I can recall anyone owing me to get the money I need to make this happen - & it's less than $1000.  But I don't have it, nothing to sell, & the bank still treats me & my micro-corporation like total strangers, so this appears to be 'the route'.

  I'll keep you posted - & if anyone is interested in investing, I still need $500 to get this to happen "ASAP".  You can email me for details.  Otherwise, I'll let you know more "soon".

  Enjoy!  Eagles live on the edge of the abyss... 

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