RegrETSY: 3 of the Worst Items on

Regretsy catalogs some of the worst pieces to found on, the online makertplace for would-be craft mavens

RegrETSY: 3 of the Worst Items on

The last time we caught up with Etsy, it was to praise how the start-up has created an online marketplace for crafty geniuses–small-time makers of beautiful objects who’d otherwise remain unknown.


But not everything on Etsy is great. Not by a long-shot. And that’s why there’s Regretsy. Tagline: “Handmade? Looks like you made it with your feet.”

Here’s just three of the gems they dug up, and their comments, in italics.


What exactly do you do with a handcrafted placenta? Do you leave it
out on the coffee table? Do you put it in a shadowbox? Do you spray
Endust on it and run it over the piano? I mean you can’t even really
play with it. At least put some googly eyes on it. Then you can put it
in a tree on Halloween.

fish squirrel

I rest my case.

plug rug

“Unused thrift store wool” sounds like the least sanitary thing in the
world to store a tampon in, short of a used coffee filter. Not to
mention the fact that it attaches to your keys and sits in the bottom
of your purse all day, which greatly increases the possibility of
getting a piece of Dentyne in your uterus.

For the best, most NSFW, check out Regretsy.

[Via Quipsologies]

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