Four Ways to Fast-Track 4G, Says FCC

Today FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski took to the stage at CTIA and outlined his agency’s plan to handle the welter of wireless transmissions coming in the next decade. The goal: 4G, as fast as possible. According to Mashable, the FCC’s plans fall into four categories:

  1. Allowing spectrum space for 4G communications.
  2. Removing obstacles to a robust and ubiquitous 4G network, to allow faster deployment.
  3. An open, neutral Internet.
  4. Empowering consumers with a transparent marketplace

Sounds simple enough, but that third point will be hard-fought. A few weeks ago, the FCC launched, a net neutrality resource that outlines the kinds of regulatory environment the agency seeks to create. They even added a YouTube video to emphasize their enthusiasm for this whole Web thing that has become so popular. But the FCC will face serious lobbying and opposition from ISPs and wireless carriers, who will summon every bit of chicanery they can to make net neutrality seem like an innovation-stifling yoke.

4G networks will be no cake-walk, either. Technical issues around interoperability are one hurdle; setting future standards is another. Sprint has already rolled out 4G networks in many cities across the country.

Check out the chairman’s speech in print, below.

Fcc remarks at CTIA