Infographic of the Day: How Much Does Your Company’s CEO Make? Per Hour?

ceo pay infographic

GOOD Magazine issued a challenge to its design-savvy readers last month, calling for infographics that “explore how much corporate officers in this country are paid,” and using illustration and design to describe data like company profits, stock price, and salaries of CEOs versus lower-level workers.

Dee Adams took the top honors with the infographic above, which will appear in print in the next issue of GOOD. According to the judges, “Adams’s piece does an excellent job of illustrating the massive salaries of CEOs and relating them to regular employees in a clean and simple manner.”

The comparison of CEO salaries to the percentage of minimum wage earners those salaries could support is an sharp-edged take on the issue. But the next two visual charts, designed by Katharine Widdows and Andrew Janik respectively, factor in fun and eyebrow-raising trivia like the ages and estimated hourly wages of CEOs.


Widdows’ breakdown of CEO salaries via hourly rate is just plain fascinating. Lawrence J. Ellison at Oracle, an enterprise software company, nets the equivalent of $40,672 every 60 minutes! If that doesn’t illustrate the gross earning gap between titans of business and the working class, I don’t know what does.