Why I Chose Sound for my Tweets by David Brier

Today marks the launch of B.R.A.N.D. which is my series of sound bites covering everything and anything to do with branding.


I don’t like to be limited to 140 characters. Just not my style. PLUS, I know my writing style doesn’t always convey my inflection of what I am saying.


So, today, I launched B.R.A.N.D., an acronym which stands for Brier’s Recorded Audio Now Delivered offering “sound bites” from yours truly.

I enjoy live communication in our overly digitized world and thought this was a more personal way to add value to clients, colleagues, friends and members of the BRANDS THAT DEFY GRAVITY group I recently created on LinkedIn (a group you are more than welcome to join, as long as you’re passionate about branding, design and the power those two tools can bring to companies). The Brands That
Defy Gravity group
is designed in the spirit of Richard Branson, the
vision of Steve Jobs and the design brilliance of Jonathan Ives.

I am learning as we go so the first two are pretty good and it will only improve as time time rolls on. But launching this audio tweet brand as part of our brand only made sense. Upcoming topics will include:

  • The Magic Brand: Hit or Myth
  • Marketers are Great Lovers (inspired by Seth Godin)
  • The Lost Law of Branding
  • One of the 8 principles of Branding Unveiled
  • Why not ask why not?

The last thing I love is you don’t have to read anything, you don’t have to squint (depending on what computer or mobile device you’re using), and you can listen to them any time, anywhere, and even share with others. Want to hear them, and be informed when news one come up? Simply follow me on twitter.

And THAT is why I don’t tweet like others do. ;-D

More to come very, very soon.


David Brier, Chief Gravity Defyer at DBD International, is a brand identity specialist who is the recipient of over 300 industry awards creating brands for such company’s as Estee Lauder, Revlon, New York City
Ballet, Legacy Chocolates, Sunbelt Software and many more.

Award-winning and result-driven examples can be seen at and a side-by-side comparison of before-and after-client identites can be seen at

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Brand identity expert, veteran designer, author, speaker and Fast Company expert blogger. Shark Tank investor and CEO of fashion brand Fubu, Daymond John states, "David Brier is brilliant with branding." He’s been written about in, INC and Fortune Small Business. In addition to being a branding specialist and a Fast Company expert blogger, David's Slideshare presentations on branding have exceeded the 500,000 view milestone (a founding member of Slideshare's Half-a-Million Views Club) and is the 1st place winner in the 2013 Shorty Awards (known industry-wide as “The Oscars for Social Media”) for branding