• 10.08.09

Royal Dutch Shell’s 3-Pronged Vision for the Future

Peter Voser began his work as CEO, Royal Dutch Shell, July 2009. Formerly he was the CFO. When he addressed the World Business Forum today in New York City he spoke about Shell’s priorities in the years ahead supplying energy for the world. These included expanding oil and gas resources, lowering CO2 emissions, and developing alternative fuel. Here are some sound bytes from his delivery:

By 2050 energy demands will double. There will be 3 billion energy consumers added to our global population. At the same time we must manage greenhouse gas emissions successfully.


Historically it has taken new energy sources 25 yrs to obtain 1% of the market. Biofuels are reaching 1% of market and could do so by middle of next decade.

Deploying new technology on a massive scale is not easy.

Fossil fuels will still provide 70% energy in 2050

Shell has 3 responses to our current situation:

   1 – We will expand the world’s oil and gas resources, including deep sea and arctic.

   2 – We will reduce CO2 emissions. We have now a process for injecting CO2 in wells to help us extract oil and gas. Today the primary constraints for doing this are public support and cost. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this alone will deliver half of what needed.


   3 – We must develop alternative fuel – Shell will concentrate on biofuel.

The US produces 7% world’s oil, and consumes 20% world’s energy.

The US has a powerful contribution to make on world stage. Many nations are paying close attention to what happens in Congress. The US has a legacy of leadership: catalytic converters and Cap and Trade were invented in US.

Working together US & China would have powerful impact on climate change.

When Voser left the stage he had delivered a clear, consistent vision for Royal Dutch Shell. His message was concise, pointed, on message.




Stay tuned today as I continue to cover the World Business Forum live from Radio City Music Hall.  

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