Brad Pitt’s Foundation Unveils Floating Home That Rises Up (and Away) in Floods

floating house

It’s inevitable that a Katrina-style hurricane will strike again. But maybe this time we should be prepared to go with the flow–literally. Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation unveiled today the Float House, a home that can break away from its moorings in the event of a flood and rise up to 12 feet on guideposts.

The house, designed by Morphosis Architects, is covered with concrete and built with a polystyrene foam base. Float House does break away from electrical lines in a flood, but a battery backup can provide enough power to juice up appliances for three days.

Floating House

So far, Morphosis hasn’t had the chance to test the home in real flood conditions–just computer simulations. The company hasn’t revealed how much the Float House will cost, but a home that can save itself during a flood is like homeowner’s insurance for its inhabitants. And today, one family displaced by Katrina will have the chance to move into a model Float House, effectively giving them a second chance in the event of a second major hurricane.

[Via Inhabitat]