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Google's Play-Dumb Browser Campaign for Chrome

Google has been pushing its Chrome browser hard, even buying those ubiquitous TV ads.

Now the search giant has launched a Web site called What Browser? to accompany the campaign. The first step to getting Chrome converts, Google realizes, is getting people to care which browser they're using—and to be able to tell the difference. The What Browser? site automatically identifies the browser you're using. If that's Greek to you, they provide this video.

It's not empty promises. Chrome has plenty of nerd-data to get excited about: JavaScript benchmark tests, Acid3 standards tests, and even a "graphical timeline" of browser history that shows, definitively, that Chrome is the newest thing on the block (and therefore, the coolest?).

Amusingly, the "Try a new browser" section also has the courtesy to link to downloads for Opera, Firefox, IE and Safari—to avoid looking like it's shilling for Chrome.

Edit: This article originally omitted the IE from the site's courtesy links. THe IE option only appears on Windows PCs.