World Business Forum live – Day 1

It’s a gorgeous morning in NYC – upper 50s, sunny & clear. Radio City Music Hall is alive with activity as thousands assemble for the World Business Forum, bringing together some of the leading thinkers of our time to debate and share their views on global issues.

Sponsors from 54 countries are bringing together leaders that include:


  • Paul Krugman2008 Nobel prize winner in economic sciences: International Trade and Economic Geography, for his analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity
  • Gary Hamel – One of the world’s leading experts on business strategy. His latest book is The Future of Management. Read the exclusive interview on the WBF website.
  • President Bill Clinton – 42nd President of the United States and Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation that focuses on bringing together leading thinkers, combatting climate change, treating HIV/AIDS & Malaria, fighting childhood obesity, promoting economic opportunity, and creating sustainable development in Africa
  • George Lucas – founder of Edutopia, focusing on what works in public education.
  • and 14 others, all of them world-class thought-leaders and business activists.
Stay tuned as I blog the event live, from downtown Manhattan. Fast link to this blog:
– Seth Kahan,

Kahan is a Change Leadership specialist. He has consulted with CEOs and
executives in over 50 world-class organizations that include Shell,
World Bank, Peace Corps, Marriott, Prudential, American Society of
Association Executives, International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike
Association, Project Management Institute, and NASA. He is the founder
of Seth Kahan’s CEO Leaders Forum, a community of CEOs working together
to innovate through the current economy. His next book, Getting Change Right: Guaranteeing Buy-In from Your Most Valuable Players, will be published in spring 2010 by Jossey-Bass. Visit his other blog, for more info on the book.