Best of TreeHugger: The Bidet Fit for Americans, a Blogger Goes 9 Years Without Money, and a New Solar Skin Covers Taiwan


Americans may actually be convinced to stop using so much toilet paper with the invention of the sleek, cheap, and easy-to-install Blue Bidet

This 48 year-old blogger has gone 9 years without spending a single dollar–now that’s fiscal conservatism.

The Kerry-Boxer climate bill finally hit the Senate–here’s a quick first look at the bill.

In other climate news, for the first time ever, US coal companies are being sued for causing global warming. And the EPA is making 10,000 facilities report their greenhouse gas emissions, and regulation could be close behind.

Coolest eco-innovation of the week goes to this Taiwanese center that has high-tech, solar powered skin. This intriguing new cement emits 90% less greenhouse gas emissions, and lasts 10 times as long as traditional concrete–and the best part is, it’s made out of waste created from coal plants. And this clever floating hydro-electric barrel generator works nearly anywhere.

Taichung Convention Center


A seven cent tax on soda and sugary drinks could close most states’ budget gaps, bringing in billions of dollars a year–while reducing obesity and diabetes rates.

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