NYC Gallery Brings Design to the People

On Saturday, October 3, Chelsea’s white cube, blue chip galleries were partially obscured by gourmet food trucks, live graffiti, and an influx of the young and socially in tune–flocking to engage in dialogue with the art and design community. In a fourth-floor loft on West 25th Street, The Drop: Urban Art Infill juxtaposed cutting-edge art with design objets from the likes of Voos, American Design Club, and AREAWARE. The Drop bucks the reigning Moss retail trend, instead focusing on local designers and popularizing a design-for-all aesthetic.

daikun - the drop areaware

Gregory Buntain

Prism stool and Sonderstuhl chair in American walnut by Gregory Buntain.

jonas damon clocks

Twice Twice Clock and Numbers LED Clock by Jonas Damon for AREAWARE.

Rich Brilliant Willing

Excel floor lamp and Matryoshka end table in red by Rich, Brilliant, and Willing.

Occupying the other half of The Drop’s exhibition space is special exhibition 2012+, curated by Alexandra Chang and Mie Iwatsuki. The title is a vague reference to the Mayan calendar, the Kyoto protocol, and climate change, and the artists represented in the show are equally diverse. What Yoko Ono, Ali Hossaini, Julian Montague, and Ranier Ganahl all have in common is a keen intuition of their urban environments.

daikun - the drop 2012

daikun - the drop 4

daikun - the drop 5

Photos via The Drop’s Flickr pool.