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Amazon Brings One-Click Buying to Mobile Apps

Amazon's patented one-click purchasing has been the boon companion of plenty of impulse purchases. Now the retailer is looking to bring the one-click experience to mobile phones for businesses that use its PayPal competitor, Amazon Payments.

Amazon Mobile Payments will allow developers to add one-click buying inside smartphone apps and mobile websites, much the way Amazon has done for its own mobile Kindle and music sites. This is the same technology that has allowed Amazon to compete with iTunes by allowing over-the-air Amazon music downloads on Android devices.

Google and PayPal already offer mobile payment processing, but Amazon will be the first to offer the ability to build one-click buying into actual applications. Amazon offers one of the most comprehensive payment back-ends in the industry, and allows mobile retailers will be able to take advantage of micropayments that accrue to a certain size before processing, minimalizing a retailer's credit card fees.