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Along with sustainability and green living, social entrepreneurship is quite a hot topic. One way people can recognize their own potential for social entrepreneurship is by reading and following the works of those who are at the forefront of the movement. Social entrepreneurship is a grassroots effort that has picked up steam with the help of blogs and bloggers all over the world. By using their resources – the Internet and various social media platforms – they’re spreading the word in a way that stays true to their convictions, and still getting the message across to millions. These leaders are smart, successful, and have a great deal of insight into the constantly changing world around them. In this week’s top five, we’re exploring some of the best blogs for budding social entrepreneurs. These blogs help inspire other entrepreneurs to make a difference 1. How to Change the World Popular social entrepreneur Guy Kawaski’s blog "How to Change the World: A Practical Blog for Impractical People" is a go-to for any social media savvy entrepreneur. Guy provides simple, sensible ways to improve business using social media in a straightforward way. The author of nine bestselling books, Guy has has been ranked in the top 100 blogs by Technorati, has more than 170,000 followers on Twitter, and has started the successful site, which lists popular blogs in a variety of categories. As a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur himself, his insight into the world of entrepreneurship is hard to match. 2. Treehugger Treehugger has been ranked as the top social entrepreneurship blog to watch for 2009, and we have to agree. As a site developed by the Discovery Company, Treehugger has all of the resources a green social entrepreneur could ask for, ideas for improving and implementing sustainability efforts, news on the latest green initiatives and environmental issues, and much more. Their goal is to make sustainability mainstream, while being the go-to resource for green enthusiasts everywhere. It covers topics from science to fashion and travel, and provides a forum for interacting with others seeking to make a difference as well. 3. Social Entrepreneurship @ covers topics from animal rights to human trafficking. Their section on social entrepreneurship focuses on non-profit efforts, and strives to create awareness of the issues facing the industry. The site states that "Perhaps … social entrepreneurs tend to desire not only to meet a specific social need, but change the way those needs are met, in general." Staying true to their...

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