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It’s October! And, that means that those of us in the Midwest, are preparing for hibernation. It’s truly a bittersweet time of year. Yeah, the fall colors are nice. Yeah, we’ve got Brett Favre in Minnesota and we’re all hyped-up for football. Yeah, the holidays are cool. But, all that is nice about this time of year is wiped out with the thought of the next six-months of shoveling snow and ten below wind chills — monkey fighter.

As many of us snowbirds do, come January, we follow the real birds down south (at least for a week) for some distorted reality. The ultimate question is always where to go. Airlines and tourist destinations are keenly aware of our desire for warmer weather, and they market to us as such. Not that they need to be really clever to capture our attention — a palm tree will usually do the trick — but I just happen to have an advertising idea that only a true Midwesterner could come up with.

Key West, Maui, Fort Myers Beach, Cancun ... Listen up, this one is for you.

Here’s the sitch: I’m an average 9 to 5 slave from the northern half of the United States, just fighting my way through traffic on my morning commute. It’s mid January and old man winter decided to dump a few inches of snow on the roads the night before. Needless to say, the driving conditions are just lovely. If I wasn’t already late enough for work, I just happen to get stuck behind a dump truck sanding the roads (a common occurrence for those that weren’t aware). After a brief fit of passenger seat punching rage, I happen to notice the gate of the dump truck has an ad. What? Upon closer examination, it appears to be a serene photo of a white sandy beach, palm trees and a message. It says, "Sand is brought to you by Fort Myers Beach. Come get it on your toes, not your tires." They got me. Timing was impeccable, message was on target.

Hey Southwest Airlines, "Wanna Get Away?". Dump trucks. Tailgate. Works for you to. Hurry before Fort Myers takes it.

About the blog: Who couldn’t use a hero in their life? You know, that special someone that comes in from nowhere to scoop you up in mid-air, right before you go "splat" on the ground ... or rather ... someone that lays their body on top of the nuclear bomb to shelter the explosion that was seconds from taking out your lovely town. Yeah, you know the type. That’s me! I’m the Idea Hero, I come up with marketing ideas that save lives. Alright, maybe not lives, but I have been known to save a career or two in my day. This blog is dedicated to saving you (time, money, brain cells, embarrassment, etc.). Send me ( your challenge, brief, chicken scratch, whatever and I’ll get all heroic and come up with your idea, post it on the blog and call it yours! Why? Because I’m your hero.

Author: Born with a large forehead and natural ability to develop outrageously absurd ideas, Dana Severson was immediately drawn to the advertising industry at a very early age. Growing up, he'd often get caught sipping a three-finger apple juice (disguised as cognac), smoking candy cigarettes, dressed like his favorite superhero, David Ogilvy. Fast forward a few decades, and we find Dana (with a larger forehead) getting paid to develop outrageously absurd ideas at his consultancy, Idea Heroes and downing three-shot espressos. Dana is a contributor, proprietor of The Official Real"ad"tor Awards and is known to post random advertising concepts on Twitter. He is available for sideshow demonstrations and Bill Bernbach impersonations.