Infographic of the Day: Real Time Simulation of Global CO2 Emissions

Global warming. The worlwide scientific community is virtually unanimous in its agreement that climate change is happening now, and necessary steps must be taken to lessen the effects (flood, pestilence, plague, apocalypse). So it’s startling to see a real-time simulation of carbon dioxide emissions by country, especially when paired with birth and death rates. How is overpopulation affecting our collective CO2 output?


Click through to Breathing Earth to brace for the full impact of carbon dioxide-heavy nations (United States, China, India) and for an encyclopedic range of facts. (Did you know: the population of Burundi is over 9 million; one person is born there every 4.7 minutes and one dies every 1.4.)


This is the sort of design thinking approach to climate change we’d like to see more of. KK