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A New Epiphany


Today, in speaking with Annie and Katie on our weekly call to develop my book we dove into some new waters. My book has started taking on the appearance of a memoir as I change through the process of putting it together.  It began as a book very much about the two sides of the brain and combining art and business.  But that is such safe territory for me.  It’s overly comfortable.

Thankfully, as we are putting this book together, I am also in pretty intense therapy and my aggressive therapist and Annie my aggressive storytelling guide are having an exponential effect on my growth.  I’m being challenged in new ways.  One of the new ways revolves around growing up.

I’m a 35 year old man who has been trapped in some very old behaviors.  The work I have been doing over the last few months really revolves around the process of recognizing those old behaviors, assessing where they came from and then breaking free from them to release myself from old bad habits that are inhibiting my own joy in life.

It feels like a very profound time as I redefine my relationships with my family, with my wife, with my business, with my self. As opposed to being a victim of my past, I am taking control for the first time and the impact has been tremendous.  This is the hardest work I have ever done, but I am finally letting go of an imprisoned version of myself and giving birth to a much more powerful me.

How this will affect the book?  I’m not sure we know yet.  But we have definitely seen and felt that this is a vital piece of my story…more to come.