The Facebook Era

What seems like eons ago (but in reality was a few months ago), I interviewed Clara Shih (@clarashih), the author of The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff. and the creator of the Facebook application, Faceconnector (formerly Faceforce), which helps people connect with their Salesforce contacts on Facebook to build better relationships with customers, influencers and people who happen to like you!

At the time, she was still an executive at Salesforce. Now, she’s the CEO of Hearsay Labs based in Silicon Valley. Over the course of all this time, Clara has been SUPER patient with me in re: the time it has taken me to get this interview uploaded. (Thank you, Clara!)

In the interivew, we talk about how she got started with Faceconnector (she developed it in her spare time!) and what went into writing her book and her thoughts behind some of the content. I should mention that this book is NOT just about Facebook. It’s a good-as-all-get-out primer for using social networking to build rapport and mindshare – and, oh, yeah, “sell more stuff”.:)

So, take a listen. It’s about 22 minutes, so feel free to listen while you go grab a cuppa – and COMMENT to let Clara and I know what you think.

If you’ve read the book, chime in via comments below.