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Ryanair Allows E-Cigs, But Americans Can Smoke on Flights, Too

Irish bargain airline Ryanair announced yesterday they would begin selling smokeless electronic cigarettes on their flights. The gimmick may bring in a few extra nicotine-happy customers in Europe, but Ryanair doesn't fly to the United States (but plan to by the end of the year). Are Americans out of luck?

Actually, no. There is nothing prohibiting American passengers from using smokeless electronic cigarettes on flights, as this blog post from Smokeless Delite, an e-cigarette maker, celebrates. They didn't immediately return a call for comment. (A Smokeless Delite instructional video, below.)

We wrote about the FDA's ban on flavored tobacco last week, and also address whether e-cigarettes will fill the gap, even while the FDA tries to ban them.

The Civil Aeronautics Board first took on smoking in 1973, after a fire in a lavatory bathroom caused a crash that killed 124 people. That first regulation established a non-smoking section and banned bathroom smoke-breaks. It wasn't until 1989 that smoking was banned on domestic airlines. You can read about the legislation here.