ISPs to Add Mobile Broadband to Service Plans

Internet providers like Comcast and Time Warner are beginning to offer mobile 3G service as a bundle with home Internet, reports the New York Times. The goal: undercut wireless providers like Verizon and AT&T, who sell such services for around $60 a month.

Comcast, which is an investor in the Clearwire mobile broadband company along with Sprint and Time Warner Cable, has added mobile broadband to their home service package for a mere $30 extra per month (a Clearwire mobile modem, above). According to the Times, Time Warner hasn’t set their rates yet, but will probably price a similar bundle competitively. Comcast’s total cost for the wireless-and-home bundle is $72, only $12 more than Verizon and AT&T’s most popular mobile broadband services alone.

Other players are betting that customers are more interested in mobile broadband that’s easy-come, easy-go. I have been testing Virgin Mobile’s wireless broadband dongle, called Broadband2Go, which lets you pre-pay for a given amount of bandwidth (service expires after a certain period of time, so it’s not great for only-in-emergencies use).

So far, the service is working admirably; the only oddity is their website. Try to learn more about Broadband2Go by Googling it, and you end up here, where you have to sit through a Rickrolling before being taken to their product page.

Survive this, and you are taken here, to their broadband site.

You can buy the Virgin kit at BestBuy. Rick Astley not included.CD