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At the beginning of every work week there is an opportunity to set goals for the five days ahead. But, there is also an opportunity to raise the bar on your own performance. Want to put a spring in your step, a twinkle in your eye? Then, find a special area to focus on that will improve your personal performance, bringing inner satisfaction and better results for your life.

Here are four areas to focus on:

1.     TimeCraft – Each one of us gets the same amount of time as everyone else: 24 hours in a day. What you do with it and the competencies you develop are yours to profit from.

2.     MindSet – Your most important asset is the quality of mind you bring to every day actions. It will help you in challenges and opportunities, large and small.

3.     SelfPromo – Learn how to let others know what you have been up to in ways that are tactful, inviting, engaging, and helpful. When it comes to looking out for yourself, no one else can do the job quite as well as you.

4.     ValueGeneration – Creating benefit for other people is a skill unto itself. Mastered by few, it creates demand on your participation. This is the very lever you pull to advance your position.

So, pick one of these and set yourself a goal to make visible progress by Friday.  This little project becomes a personal edge that you bring to every engagement. It will make you shine and improve your performance over the long haul.

- Seth Kahan,

Seth Kahan is a Change Leadership specialist. He has consulted with CEOs and executives in over 50 world-class organizations that include Shell, World Bank, Peace Corps, Marriott, Prudential, American Society of Association Executives, International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association, Project Management Institute, and NASA. He is the founder of Seth Kahan’s CEO Leaders Forum, a community of CEOs working together to innovate through the current economy. His next book, Getting Change Right: Guaranteeing Buy-In from Your Most Valuable Players, will be published in spring 2010 by Jossey-Bass. Visit his other blog, for more info on the book.