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They do it by talking about and engaging with topics and content that will make their customers smarter. Or they share tidbits that are fun and engaging, and share the love. These are the secrets of successful corporate blogs - and I’ll share then in less than a thousand words.

A Kodak Moment - this is what I said to myself when I saw the charts the Kodak team came up with to explain the convergence of media in their social media participation efforts, which they call Ripcurl. The ingredients to the team’s success are: transparency,  fulfilling the expectation of a regular appointment with consistent content, having a team approach, and being interesting. Read their blog here and follow Tom and Jenny on Twitter. Read more about Kodak’s social media activities at The Viral Garden.

The Birth of a Blog - it took nearly as long as it takes for a child to become fully formed. Graco, a Newell Rubbermaid company, crafted its blog content based on what they thought expectant parents and parents of young children would find valuable. Then, they matched up what they heard with the company’s goals and brand’s vision. If you’re thinking about time commitment, you should budget 1-2 hours a day - writing editing, but also polling contributors. Visit their blog here and learn more about how the company measures success here. Lindsay Lebresco has since joined NY agency Converseon as social media account director.

Making a Global Impact - imagine for example monitoring a patient without wires or cables, or advances in bioscience. This is what GE’s research blog team writes about - the agent of change is that in the operating room. If it sounds a little bit heady, you probably still find it useful to know that there are people out there working to solve these very large problems. What is discussed here is very pertinent to customers. It affects many more of them.

Bonus reading:

Taking the Less Traveled Road - is par for the course for Mike Critelli, retired executive chairman of Pitney Bowes. His willingness to "see a different game" goes hand in hand with accomplishing as much as possible under the radar screen - the most successful change management requires a blend of highly-public activity and behind-the-scenes facilitation, he writes. Maybe this is not an example of how to do a corporate blog successfully, as much as it is about using one’s intellectual curiosity and honesty to frame issues so we can get into problem solving mode. Critical thinking at work.

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Valeria Maltoni is a professional marketer with 20 years of real-world corporate experience across a broad array of mid-to-large sized companies, 10 of which online.  Hands-on work at a Fortune 500 technology company, a technology start-up, in health care, chemical manufacturing, risk management consulting, and the non-profit sector have provided her with a wealth of experience and insights.

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