Why I created the BRANDS THAT DEFY GRAVITY group on LinkedIn by David Brier

LinkedIn is where 45 million professionals connect. For the most professional and compelling branders amongst those professionals, one group stands above the rest providing a resource for inspiration, a place to share insights and someplace to turn to to get reignited.

Where are the Most Successful Branding Professionals?
I have been honored to be considered by some a preeminent brand identity designer. Those that know me know I am—and have been—a passionate advocate of the power of design for the last 27 years in this business being fortunate enough to have created some of the most recognized and successful brands and identity solutions.


This recently resulted in my book, DEFYING GRAVITY AND RISING ABOVE THE NOISE. The book is the book that is designed for those of us who are more interested in having a book on branding that can be put to USE in the real world of busines rather than the next-big-trend they can check off as yet “another busines book I read.”

If I see another ad, I’ll s**t
To add to all of this, I started a group on LinkedIn. I was sick of these groups that allow tons of “look-at-me” announcements that do little for the members of the group. So I decided on a whim to create a new group for branders entitled BRANDS THAT DEFY GRAVITY.

Here’s how I describe the group:
This is a group of passionate marketers who enjoy the thrill and
difference a strong brand makes in the market—who accept nothing less
than remarkable in their branding goals and objectives. The purpose of
this group is to have a common ground to connect and re-ignite each
other’s passion for achieving great branding and beyond.


I would like to think this group is made up of the most passionate (and successful) branding professionals on the planet.

Branding is about design, order, aesthetics, chaos, organization, look,
feel, experience, common sense, uncommon sense, knowing when to zig,
knowing when to zag and being willing to challenge the status quo.
Above all, it is pushing for the differences that make a brand defy

It’s knowing the power of ideas, the power of words, the power of people.


The Brands That
Defy Gravity group
is designed in the spirit of Richard Branson, the
vision of Steve Jobs and the design brilliance of Jonathan Ives.

Doubling membership in less than 2 weeks
Just in its infancy, the group has doubled in the last 2 weeks, but it’s the QUALITY of those members that I am most impressed with. Quantity means little if the quality is off. Here, we are starting with some really great branding pros.

I made this announcement in my blog on Fast Company so you you can ask to join the group, OR if you’re already one of the members of this group, use this to inspire and invite others you know who will

  1. Add to the value of this group and
  2. Align like-minded profesionals who are passionate about quality branding and the value great branding brings to companies.


David Brier, Chief Gravity Defyer at DBD International, is a brand identity specialist who is the recipient of over 300 industry awards creating brands for such company’s as Estee Lauder, Revlon, New York City
Ballet, Legacy Chocolates, Sunbelt Software and many more.

Award-winning and result-driven examples can be seen at and a side-by-side comparison of before-and after-client identites can be seen at


Want one the country’s leading designers of identites and more? His talent can be yours. Contact


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Brand identity expert, veteran designer, author, speaker and Fast Company expert blogger. Shark Tank investor and CEO of fashion brand Fubu, Daymond John states, "David Brier is brilliant with branding." He’s been written about in, INC and Fortune Small Business. In addition to being a branding specialist and a Fast Company expert blogger, David's Slideshare presentations on branding have exceeded the 500,000 view milestone (a founding member of Slideshare's Half-a-Million Views Club) and is the 1st place winner in the 2013 Shorty Awards (known industry-wide as “The Oscars for Social Media”) for branding