Verizon May Cancel Plans for Palm Pre

Verizon has reportedly lost interest in carrying the Palm Pre smartphone, according to the Street. The Pre is currently offered only on the Sprint network, which has been losing customers of late (though its prepaid division, Boost, has been flourishing.) It will also be available in certain European markets come October.

If true, the shelving of the Palm/Verizon deal will be a setback to Palm, whose late start against Android and iPhone OS devices has made the quest for market share onerous. The Wall Street Journal’s digital division has attempted to debunk the rumor, quoting a Deutsche Bank analyst that called it “off-base.”

For Sprint, the move may be a boon. The Pre is–by most measures–the most appealing high-end phone in its lineup, and it’s not without its devoted fan base. Verizon customers who may have been biding their time to get the Pre, which offers multitasking, multitouch, and snappy JavaScript-based apps, may jump ship and sign with Sprint–even if they do have exceedingly creepy television ads.