Color-Changing Appliances Take Mood Lighting to a New Level


First came multi-colored mood lighting, then came LED wallpaper, and now designer Karim Rashid is bringing high-tech ambiance to the kitchen with his Touch of Light line, a series of appliances that come emblazoned with LED strips that adjust to every color in the rainbow.


The appliances, available from high-end manufacturer Gorenje, are the first of its kind. According to Rashid, “I have wanted to design appliances for ages. It was a great exercise in
rethinking the banal. Too often we are relegated to tired archetypes.”


Indeed, the Touch of Light line succeeds in adding a touch of flair to drab appliances. But unless the LED strips are bright enough to light the entire kitchen, they are just adding unnecessary energy usage into already power-hungry kitchen products. LEDs do use minimal power, but Gorenje does offer another swanky option for high-end appliance buyers: Swarovski crystal-encrusted fridges.