Infographic of the Day: Buy Local

On average, $73 of every $100 spent in a local economy stays in the community, as today’s infographic illustrates.



The locavore movement has gained traction in recent years as consumers have greater concerns about their collective carbon footprint. But eating locally makes economic sense as well, as explained in this simple infographic by Grand Rapids, MI, group Local First. An estimated $73 of every $100 spent locally is pumped back into the community, going to local resources and labor. According to the non-profit, the top ten reasons to buy local are:

  1. More money re-circulates in the community and grows the tax base.
  2. Helps area non-profits, as local business owners donate more to local charities than non-local owners.
  3. Encourages ‘uniqueness’ and character.
  4. Reduces environmental impact.
  5. Creates new jobs (small local businesses are the largest employers nationally).
  6. Better customer service at the local level.
  7. Local owners reinvest locally.
  8. Public benefits outweigh public costs, as relatively little infrastructure is needed to run a small business rather than a giant chain.
  9. Competition leads to diversity: A marketplace of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.
  10. Gives consumers more influence.

Found on PSFK.