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Google Earth Adds Climate Change Tours Narrated By Al Gore


Just in case world leaders need to brush up on their knowledge of high and low emissions scenarios in advance of December's UN climate conference in Copenhagen, Google introduced a series of new Google Earth layers and tours yesterday focused on temperature change around the globe.

The search giant combined data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with Google Earth technology to demonstrate a number of different climate change scenarios in the  coming years based on ranges of possible temperature and precipitation changes. In addition to showing the worldwide impact of climate change scenarios, the Google Earth layers will eventually allow users to zoom in on specific neighborhoods. Hint: New York City, watch out.

The first climate change tour, dubbed "Confronting Climate Change" is an introduction to global warming narrated by Al Gore. No word on the topics or narrators of future tours, but Gore's dry climate change intro is available below. Want to take a shot at explaining global warming better than Al Gore? The freshly-launched YouTube COP15 channel allows users to submit homemade videos addressing climate change. Top rated contributions will be aired during the COP15 CNN/YouTube debate on December 15.

[Official Google Blog]

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