Pimp My Ride, Tesla Roadster Style


The Tesla Roadster EV isn’t for everyone. With a price tag of $109,000, only wealthy car nuts could even consider buying the vehicle, and in fact, only 700 cars have been delivered to customers thus far. So is it any surprise that Roadster owners have already begun tweaking the car to make it even more high-class?


Tesla Roadster modifications are a burgeoning business at Al and Ed’s Autosound, a mobile electronics specialist in West Hollywood, California. Elie Rothstein, the owner of the West Hollywood franchise, claims that the inspiration to tweak Teslas came from a Roadster customer who was disappointed with both the quality of the leather interior and the audio options available. So far, Al & Eds is the only company modifying the Roadsters. “Tesla knows and approves,” Rothstein explained. “We’re getting clients from word of mouth in the Tesla community.”


Among the customizations available to Roadster owners are a $7,000 bespoke interior lined with Mercedes-Benz grade black leather and Alcantra, an $8,000 Audiophile Sound System that trumps the weak factory-grade Roadster speakers, $2500 carbon fiber doorsills, $1500 customer-colored OEM wheels, and more. Next up for Al & Eds: customizing the upcoming Tesla Model S and Fisker Karma

This is hardly revolutionary in the world of cars, as loyal viewers of Pimp My Ride undoubtedly know. But customization is new in the EV world, where startups are releasing vehicles that car shops have never seen before. And as EVs become more mainstream, so will tricked-out Teslas with thumping bass systems and spinning rims.