Aqua Tower Gets PETA’s Stamp of Approval


PETA has pulled some questionable stunts in the past–asking the band Phish to change its name to Sea Kittens, for example–but a stamp of approval from the organization is still a sign of serious eco-cred in environmentally aware circles. So if you’re working on a new net-zero, LEED-certified, super-green building, consider modeling the structure after the Aqua Tower, a PETA-approved residential building and hotel in Chicago.

The 823-foot tower, which was designed by Studio Gang Architects, will feature a wave-like exterior and fritted glass etched with gray marks when it’s complete. The marks act as a warning signal for birds that plan to dive-bomb the building’s windows.


For saving the lives of countless birds–window collisions are one of the most common causes of death for migrating birds–PETA gave Studio Gang a Proggy Award to designate the tower as an animal-friendly achievement in commerce and culture. It is, according to PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, an example of when “form follows compassion” instead of following function. 

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