Infographic of the Day: Bailout Matrices

CNN Bailout Graph

In the wake of 2008’s economic collapse, including but certainly not limited to the decimation of financial firm Lehman Brothers, a deep recession hit and the U.S. government has instituted a slew of programs to try and lessen the pain. CNN has posted some infographics to illustrate just how effective the plans have been so far. Granted, their judgment of “bold” versus “weak” is subjective, but laying out government programming in a visual format makes the information much easier to digest, so let’s roll with it.

The second interactive graph displays the percent of change in stock price for each financial firm listed, versus the amount of government aid. To wit, baddie AIG is in the lower right quadrant of the chart, having received over $116 billion dollars in bailout money. Their shares are still down 90% from last year even with a recent uptick in stock price.

CNN Stock Winners Losers

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Bonus infographic news of the day: designers Atley G. Kasky of GOOD magazine, freelance illustrator Robert a Di Ieso Jr., and Nathan Yau have launched Flowing Prints, advertised as posters for people who love data and design. (Hey, that’s us!) FlowingData’s better looking cousin will be selling its first series later this week, so check back soon and make those infographics yours.