PNC Completes Biggest Green Living Wall in North America


We report on a lot of projects in the design and development stages, so it’s always nice to hear from companies that have completed a green project. We first wrote about PNC Bank’s plan to build the largest green living wall in the U.S. back in July, and now the company tells us the project is finished.

The 2,380-foot green wall (the size of a doubles tennis court), located at PNC’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, is made from 602 panels of soil and plants fitted into in 2×2-square-foot spaces. Materials for the wall have all been sourced within a 500-mile radius, and the eight varieties of plants come from southwest Pennsylvania. Some of the plants bloom in the fall and others bloom in the spring, so the texture of the wall changes with the seasons. Despite harboring so many plants, the wall requires just 15 minutes of watering per week in warmer months and 15 minutes per month in winter.

This is more than just a publicity stunt for PNC. The south-facing wall is 25% cooler than other walls on the same building, which presumably lowers AC requirements in summer. It also serves as a source of shade for passersby and acts as a sound-absorbing surface. And if the price is right (PNC hasn’t disclosed the cost of the wall), the bank’s installation just might inspire other environmentally minded companies to install green walls of their own.

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