Infographic of the Day: Job Voyager

The Job Voyager is a nifty interactive graph that charts a stacked time series of reported occupations in the US from 1850 to 2000, normalized by percentages.


Comparing the data for male and females in the workforce is obvious but telling: according to Census Bureau statistics, reported by the University of Minnesota Population Center the total percentage of gentlemen holding jobs the US has shrunk, while–no surprise here–the population of working women has increased dramatically since the 1950s (the last third of the timeline). Similarly, as our great nation abandoned its agrarian pastures for the fruits of an industrial future, farm-related industry has been decimated from 50% of the entire working population to a measly 1.5%.



A search function means you can pick out a particular profession and analyze its social relevance throughout the years. Should we be worried or pleased that only 0.4% of the American population currently writes the news?


Launch the full-screen Job Voyager app here.KK