7 Fascinating Filmmakers to Follow on Twitter

Think today’s filmmakers are stuck behind the camera? Or the edit room?


Think again.

Many filmmakers are harnessing the power of the web to tell another side of the story– their story.

Readers enjoyed my earlier post, “7 Interesting Storytellers to Follow on Twitter,” so let’s continue this series with some interesting filmmakers.

Keeping in the spirit of Twitter, the following “tweets” are 140 characters or less.

7 Fascinating Filmmakers to Follow on Twitter

1. Errol Morris @errolmorris
The Oscar-winning director of ‘Fog of War” often tweets zen-like koans. Witty and always thought-provoking.

2. Michael Moore @MMFlint
Yes- the Academy-Award winning filmmaker is on Twitter. Currently promoting his new documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

3. David Lynch  @David_Lynch
Mixes “transcendental” tweets with updates about his new storytelling project, @InterviewProj. Pioneering personal stories for the web.

4. Bluedot Productions @bluedot_
Game changers. Really. These “quantum activist” filmmakers are creating “quantum leaps” in documentary films.

5. PBS Point of View @povdocs
Beyond promoting POV documentaries, watch for tweets on interviews and educational resources.

6.  Frank Kelly
The filmmaker behind the “140 Project.” 140 filmmakers from 140 countries captured 140 seconds of unedited footage. Truly fascinating.

7. Peter Marshall @bcfilmmaker
Veteran filmmaker/workshop teacher/social media proponent. Tweets often & covers the intersection of traditional filmmaking with new media.

BONUS #1: The Documentary Blog  @DocumentaryBlog
A great place to keep up with the latest documentary news. Thoughtful, in-depth reviews.

BONUS #2: National Film Board of Canada @thenfb
Awesome resource for all things documentary. Tweets a wide variety of topics. Highly interactive and engaging.

Want to discover more filmmakers and conversations? Follow the #documentary trend on Twitter.

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