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Adoptabot: the Friendly Household Upcycled Robot


Looking for a household pet? Consider picking up an Adoptabot, a robot made from found items like cameras, bells, and cutlery. Brian Marshall's Adoptabots reside in an Etsy robot orphanage, where they're waiting for you to adopt them.


The Adoptabots, which are inspired by a robot-like lamp that Marshall once saw in a movie, don't come cheap—they'll cost you anywhere from $95 to $350. But the robots are a nod to Marshall's ability to turn trash into objects with seemingly high-brow personalities, with names like Bender, Carlton, Flex, and Wadsworth.


Like the guys who started Terracycle and NYCGarbage before him, Brian Marshall has figured out the universal truth about trash—repackage it, and suddenly it's somebody's treasure.

[Via Inhabitots]