Skype Founders Sue eBay for $75 Million Per Day

The ever-litigious founders of Skype, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, are suing former majority stakeholder eBay at a rate of over $75 million per day for what they say is theft of intellectual property. The companies that are purchasing eBay’s portion of Skype are also named in the suit. (Below, eBay’s San Jose HQ.)

eBay HQ

The two founders, who now run a startup called Joltid, say that some of that company’s peer-to-peer technology is being used in Skype without their permission. They retained the copyright to that code when Skype was sold in 2005, but allege that eBay continued to use and alter it for their own purposes despite those stipulations. They’ve filed an injunction at a Northern California district court, and seek damages for every day that passes that the code isn’t pulled down.

So far, eBay has made no public response.

[Via Bloomberg]CD