LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Productivity–In 15 Minutes a Day

Social media & webinar expert George Kao offers a free teleseminar on success with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook in 15 Minutes Per Day. I’ll be interviewing him.

In addition to being very socially conscious and eco-aware (he was an administrator for the largest Green MBA program in the US), the amazing George Kao is a social network trainer who has forgotten more than most of us know. I’ve been marketing seriously via social media since 1995, and it’s been my primary source of clients all the way back to 1996. And yet, I learn so much from listening to George that I not only sat in on *three* of his calls in the last two months, but also made a point of seeking him out for a dinner meeting when I was in San Francisco. If you only pick one teleclass to attend in the next few months, make it this one.

George has a lot to say about how socially conscious businesses and organizations can benefit from an active social media program that doesn’t overwhelm.

Mark your calendar: Tuesday Sept 22, 5 pm ET/2 pm PT

Sign up at . Note: the call will be recorded, but the replay will cost $80.SH