Social New, Now & Next: The Baltimore Marathon on “Social Media Steroids”

I’m always interested in organizations that are taking the use of social media to the next level. And, Corrigan Sports qualifies. They plan to use some latest social media hotness, R2iSMASH, to showcase the Baltimore Marathon on October 10.

R2iSMASH, was created by R2integrated, and the technical explanation of it is:

A social media vehicle that drives interactivity around specific events, campaigns, or initiatives by combining feeds from popular social networking sites like Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube, into one unique presentation window.

For all the non-techies, that means when people talk on social networks like Facebook and Twitter about a particular event, it shoves all that conversation into into one convenient screen. Tres cool, non?

So, while most social media tools push internal messages outward, R2iSMASH takes external messages and brings them in, creating a real-time gallery of information and commentary. By allowing audiences to share in pertinent, real-time events, R2iSMASH can be a powerful tool for brands, media, and other organizations.

To get a feel for how this really works, take a look at R2iSMASH in action for the Sotomayor confirmation and the tribute to pop icon and creative genius, Michael Jackson.