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Chad Hagen's Nonsensical Infographics: BYO Data

Chad Hagen Complicated Triangle

Minneapolis-based designer Chad Hagen takes our love of infographics and turns our little heart inside out. For these are no aesthetically-plotted data sets full of statistics. In fact, we see no handy information at all, just the colors and shapes that typically make an infographic chart pleasant to examine in the first place.

Chad Hagen

Chad Hagen

The two prints above are featured this week on gallerist Jen Bekman's affordable art site 20x200. The beauty of Hagen's graphics is that they are completely fictitious; anyone can project data onto the shapes and colors of his graphs. For instance, Bekman imagines the circles of the second image featured here as the "lifespan of the bubble," while the honeycomb shapes depicted in the third image are envision as a detailed tracking of bees as they produce honey. Fun little game, no?

Chad Hagen