Best of TreeHugger: Google Cuts the Cost of Solar, the World’s Next Suez Canal, and Why CEOs Support Climate Action

Google’s custom solar technology will reduce costs by a staggering 60%, or at least it’s hoping too.


Been noticing more ‘biodegradable’ or ‘compostable’ plastics cropping up lately? Don’t get too excited–here’s why they provide little more than a false sense of security.

global warming next suez photo

Global warming has melted enough ice in the Northeast Passage to
open a brand new, long sought-after shipping route–it will change the
way goods are transported around the world, and could become the world’s next Suez Canal.

Ever wonder why we don’t see more desalination plants around? Pablo explains the myriad difficulties of desalinizing.

A recent trend sees more and more corporate executives supporting climate action–and why they do may not be as inspiring as you’d think.

There’s been even more news than usual coming out of the clean energy sector–and most of it’s good: A new report shows that offshore wind power is on track to provide a full 20% of Europe’s power supply. Yet another study shows that phasing out coal and funding renewables could create 2.7 million jobs for the gobal economy.

offshore wind europe photo

And the top solar tech company Nanosolar has finally broken their silence: they’re about to begin mass production of super thin, super efficient solar cells.

David Byrne as an urban planner? Indeed. Speaking of urban planning, Lloyd’s slideshow on the top modern tower designs will certainly open some eyes.

Finally, a new battery has been tested that’s half the size of the typical EV battery–but it gets twice the torque. This is big news for the electric car industry–and it’s not hard to see why.

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