Vote on the National Broadband Plan

On Friday, the FCC launched a new crowd-sourcing platform to try to generate some consensus on the direction of the agency’s National Broadband Plan. Built by IdeaScale in the style of Digg and Reddit, popular voting-based social news sites, the new presents users with a list of ideas to vote up or down. (Below, an Internet “splat-map” by jurvetson.)

Internet Splat Map

Top on the list: bring U.S. broadband pricing in line with the rest of the world. A direct shot at telecom companies who’ve recently attempted to institute bandwidth caps and low speed benchmarks. Second on the list, however, is a movement to revise the voting scheme on the site itself, which the idea says is “easily game-able.”

The National Broadband Plan is a comprehensive, if sanguine, plan to democratize and standardize cheap and fast Web access in all corners of the United States. It has recently come under fire for its hefty $350 million price tag, and involves extensive research, much of it to be performed by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.CD