How Tetra Pak Is Making Boxy Sexy

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You’ve undoubtedly noticed all the cartons hitting shelves lately–everything from soup to wine to water is being sold in a box, and Tetra Pak is the company responsible for a lot of it (141 billion packages sold last year). Founded on the idea that a package should save more money than it costs, Tetra Pak’s cartons are so light weight that companies can save money on shipping while also reducing landfill. And so, in order to be successful, Tetra Pak needs companies to adopt their product. But Tetra Pak does not sell anything directly to consumers, so why are they marketing directly to the public at events including New York’s Fashion Week?

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“It’s about educating people. So many people grew up drinking juice boxes, and never though about how that container was valuable,” said Carla Fantoni, Tetra Pak’s marketing director. “Now, some might look at the wine being sold in our cartons and associate it with boxed wine, which is typically low quality, but it’s not. Getting people to understand that wine in Tetra Pak cartons is actually a table wine is the trick.”

To win over wine lovers, Tetra Pak established its presence at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference–win over the bloggers, win over their readers. For an upcoming back to school campaign for shelf stable milk, Tetra Pak needs to win over moms, so they’ve enlisted the help of Food Network favorite Robin Miller. To reach on-the-go, bottled water-guzzling trendsetters, Tetra Pak went to New York Fashion Week.


Along with O.N.E. Water, Tetra Pak has a strong presence at Bryant Park this week, not only managing a hefty recycling initiative, but keeping the trendiest of the trendy hydrated–and hoping the carton-packaged water will trickle down from the fashion industry’s influencers to every day consumers, who are used to clutching an ergonomically enhanced bottle of plastic.

“Here at fashion week, you find the most influential trendsetters, so it’s the perfect venue for us to get our message out, and the perfect audience to move this along for us,” Fantoni said.