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A brand’s logo is possibly the most defining aspect of the brand itself. We have come to equate a single logo with an entire brand’s mission and purpose. Graphic designers call making logos "visual identity" projects, because they are essentially creating the identity of the brand and the people behind it. There are some obvious examples that are always circulating—Nike’s "Swoosh" can also represent a check mark for "Just Do It"—there are many others that deserve recognition. Another example is Google, known for their clever logo illustrations on holidays and important events in history. In this week’s top five, we’re exploring some of our favorite innovative and creative logos. 1. Big 10 Conference The Big 10 conference has some of the most recognizable team names in college sports. It is no wonder that their logo is recognizable as well. At first, it may seem like your typical block lettering. Upon closer look, you can see the number 11 in between the "T," to represent that there are actually 11 teams in the conference, despite its name. This technique uses the negative space to provide a bigger meaning. 2. Pepsi Pepsi’s recent rebranding efforts have brought about mixed feelings from the public. With a 27 page in-depth report about the thought process behind the new logo, it still isn’t getting much praise. Still, there is one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked—the sphere. If you study it closely among all the different Pepsi beverages, the sphere is actually different on each one. The reason? They’re supposed to be subtle hints at emoticons. Smiling and laughing, the spheres represent emotions, perhaps emotions that are meant to be evoked while drinking a Pepsi product? We’re not sure, but they still deserve some credit for such an innovative idea. 3. Heart Beats This logo for a small music store packs three messages into one, while still remaining simple and easy of the eyes. The heart in the middle is formed by two music notes, which are also made to look like headphones. It conveys the company’s love of music in a very user-friendly way, something that many companies strive for but can’t quite match sometimes. The colors also go well together, with the eye-catching headphone graphic pulling you in at first glance. 4. Madrid Olympics 2016 The Madrid Olympic committee opened up a contest for logo design in 2007 and had the public vote on the final designs. The winning logo incorporates the colors of the well-known Olympic rings, but in an interesting twist. The hand, bursting with color, waves "Hello" or "Welcome" to Olympic visitors. It even has a name—"Corle." The white cut-away on the bottom...


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