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Fast Company's Most Innovative Marketing Expert Blogs, Part II

Marketing has changed. We're in the age of one-to-one marketing, where the customer actually has a role in shaping the messaging for your brand. Social Media—blogs, Twitter, Facebook, wikis, user-generated tools—have given her all she needs to effect whether your products and services do well in the marketplace. Long gone are the 4Ps of marketing, these are the days of the 4Cs, a customer centric approach that includes the customer's wants and needs; the cost to satisfy the customer; the convenience; and communication.

Traversing these murky waters can be difficult. Scary even, especially without a plan or understanding of the playing field. You want and need insight, and we've got it. Every week we feature a new marketing innovations expert, sharing what they've learned and observed in the trenches, helping marketers everywhere take those steps toward the future.

Here's a round up of our latest experts, along with their latest blog posts.

daily delicious

Best Promotion of Social Media Efforts by a Big Brand: And the Winner Is…

I've spent a few columns this week looking at innovative usages of social media by big brands. Along the way, I've noticed many companies fail to fully capitalize on these efforts—they are not promoting their Facebook, Twitter, ...READ»

Julie RutherfordJulie Rutherford is the Vice President of Marketing and General Manager for Email at, the leading online site for inspiration and faith. Prior to joining Beliefnet, Julie served as Marketing Director for WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive (WPNI), where she specialized in Web 2.0 marketing including social media, mobile marketing, widgets, feeds and SEO.

Before the Post, she served as Director of Electronic Publishing for the International Herald Tribune in Paris with responsibility for editorial, marketing, sales and tech operations for Previous experience includes marketing and management positions with several Internet startups during the 1990s.

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Scale: The Importance of Cafe-Shaped Experiences

What if getting bigger and bigger isn't the way to do business? Instead of bigger, what about the notion of more instances of small and intimate?READ»

Chris Brogan is co-author of the book Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust. He is president of New Marketing Labs, LLC, and lives north of Boston, Massachusetts.

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jane fonda

How Jane Fonda Became the Face of the Aging Adult Social Media World

Over the past year I was introduced to Jane Fonda and have become known as her "tech guy" (a funny term she referred to me as on NBC's Today Show). In truth, I am a part of a trio that included my blogging wife, who gave a 71-year-old ...READ»

James AndrewsJames Andrews is a managing partner at Everywhere specializing in the creation of social media strategies, online communications, and Web content production. Everywhere is a strategic communication agency that focuses in helping brands and individuals navigate the social media and online space to build better connections with their audiences. Its clients include Delta, Jane Fonda, Jermaine Dupri, Sanaa Lathan, and Georgia Public Broadcasting. Before launching everywhere, Andrews was VP, Ketchum Digital and worked on social media brand strategy work for, FedEx, GeekSquad, Wendy's, and Newell Rubbermaid. Andrews has been working in the area of interactive/new media and non-traditional marketing for 15 years holding senior titles at Columbia Records, Ecko Unlimited, and Isobar/Carat. His experience with brands such as Current TV, Sprite, Vibe Magazine, and Proctor & Gamble places him in a unique category of executives that understand the convergence of both new media, content and digital lifestyle. James blogs at as an Expert Blogger. He also maintains a blog at where he covers the "business of pop culture" via news and interviews that span technology, new media, music business and youth/urban culture. Andrews is also a regular contributor to CNN, as an expert in social media. Additionally, James serves as a consultant on social media to a few celebrities and icons including Hill Harper (CSI), DJ Jazzy Jeff, Sanaa Lathan, Macy Gray, and Jane Fonda. James Andrews attended UCLA, grew up in Silicon Valley, and lives in Atlanta with his wife and two children. He is an active speaker globally and is frequently quoted on the subjects of digital media, entertainment and innovative branding/marketing approaches.

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